Book Translations

Transforming Japan: How Feminism and Diversity are Making a Difference

(Feminist Press 2011; Edited by Kumiko Fujimura-Fanselow and co-translated with Minako Hara, Malaya Ileto)

Sparkling Rain and Other Fiction From Japan of Women Who Love Women

(New Victoria Press 2008; Co-edited with Barbara Summerhawk and co-translated with Laurie Walters)

The first anthology of lesbian fiction from Japan in English translation. Links to the book reviews may be found on wikipedia here.

Diary of Azuma Shiro

(2006, Jiangsu Education Publishing House, China). Intense and moving 600+ page wartime diary of a Japanese soldier in occupied China from 1937-1939. Available from Amazon here.

Please contact me for information on obtaining copies of any of these books! List of additional translations also available upon request.


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