Solar Cafe and Organic Farm

As I type this, I am sitting in the Solar Cafe located in the foothills of Mt. Fuji listening to a jam session with a didjeridoo, djembe, jews harp, guitar, and even a throat singer. Very cool! My arms are covered in dirt, as I spent the day de-weeding a blueberry thicket and a mint patch, and watering baby cucumbers and other vegetable seedlings.

The Solar Cafe and Earth Embassy welcome people to come stay and volunteer in their organic farm. People who stay for a least a week get free accommodation and meals, and those staying for shorter periods get discounts. The cafe serves amazing curries, organic coffee, and a delicacy I have not yet tried, but which has my mouth watering already: banana garlic pizza!

Among the wonders I witnessed today during my volunteer stint: a pumpkin patch that arose naturally from the scraps fed over the year to the two resident sheep, Reuben and Eva, which was then fertilized by their poopy; a gorgeous, multi-colored fuzzy caterpillar that came to say hello to me as I pulled up grass; and a bevy of fresh garden vegetables being put to good use in the cafe kitchen.

My roommate Hiromi (who is actually also my ex-girlfriend–just keepin’ it real, folks! 😉 ) is the gardener-in-residence here…for the scoop on the whole operation and how to volunteer, check out their website here!


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