Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (aka I love interpreting for drag queens)

Alas, one of my favorite parts of summer has arrived (other than swimming laps in the nearby outdoor pool–my official exercise routine for the year. HA!). The Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is celebrating its 17th year …WOW. I interpreted there for the second time in a row this year during a discussion with guest film directors…let me tell you, working with Margaret the raunchy drag queen is a real experience. Love it! 😉

There are some amazing films there this year…I have seen seven of them over a period of four days (which is more films than I usually see in a year! ;p) and have laughed and cried so much. Films are truly amazing…my awesome roomate Ai and I have been talking about trying to make one ourselves for next year’s festival. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

My article about this year’s TILGFF is fresh off the presses at here. Happy gay film festival weekend, everyone!!!

Me together with C Jay Cox, the writer and director of Latter Days,
one of my very all-time favorite films, who was in town for the
screening of his new movie. What an honor!!


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