Okay, I take it back

I do not deserve the title of “activist”. I attended an event last night where women from the Philippines were talking about the work they have been doing against militarism and the U.S. bases in their country–work for which their lives are literally on the line as activists have been targeted for political killings by the Arroyo administration’s Human Security Act, modelled after the Patriot Act in the United States. WOW…these women were phenomenal.

The event is part of a weeklong international conference titled “Women Resisting Militarism and Creating a Culture of Life”, and will have presentations in the forthcoming several evenings by panels of women from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Korea, Guam and Okinawa. Information is here: http://www.genuinesecurity.org

After attending this event, I realized I might be more comfortable calling myself a networker instead of an activist! In any case, full respect to these women around the world who continue to fight against incredible forces to make the world a better place.


One response to “Okay, I take it back

  • lorriee

    Thank you sister,
    All the writings I have read of your thus far….make you an activist as well as a netorker! You don’t isolate-you share your knowledge and empower others to try to make this world a better place for everyone by your activist networking!
    With admiration,

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