Hello world!

I cannot believe this is actually happening! I have been planning to start a blog since forever…in fact, it was one of my 2007 New Years Resolutions. I figured I had about four more months to make it happen, and here I am! Me, with the largest case of technophobia on the planet!

So, here I am, sitting in a little slice of paradise otherwise known as Guerilla Cafe on the gorgeous Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California, aka activist heaven. It is a glorious day, this cafe has completely bad-ass music playing, and I am catching up on my favorite pasttime: doing my translation and writing work at a cafe. And so I  figured, why not: I may as well start my blog RIGHT NOW to commemorate this moment.

Had no idea what to title it, but just as I sat scratching my head, a deliciously funky song with the lyrics “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” comes on, which a subsequent internet search tells me is a Roy Ayers tune. And I figure, how perfect! I hail from Arizona, the land of perpetual sun; as a little girl I used to tow around a little yellow doll that I named Sunshine; and–just as the song goes–it is true: who does not love the sunshine!! (No offense to all you vampires out there.)

Good food, good friends, warmth, peace, love, and sunshine: tell me, folks: what else is there?!

And so, on this September 11, 2007 (how befitting for a peace activist such as myself), I finally enter the world of blogging.

Hello world!!


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